About Gpixel
About Gpixel
About Gpixel
Gpixel delivers off-the-shelf and semi– or fully-customized CMOS image sensors that meet the demands of scientific, industrial, professional and medical imaging markets. At Gpixel our seasoned, multidisciplinary team of experts are passionate about pushing the boundaries of image sensing technologies. As a proven designer and supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors, we develop solutions that meet the exacting demands of our target markets with the added benefits of volume production. Founded in 2012 by experienced CMOS image sensor designers and semiconductor physicists, Gpixel works in close cooperation with our customers and business partners to produce advanced CMOS image sensors for use all over the world. From our offices in Changchun (headquarters), Hangzhou and Dalian ,China, Antwerp, Belgium (European design center) and Tokyo, Japan (Japanese design center). We are committed to delivering innovative and specialized high-end CMOS image sensor solutions to our global customer base.
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Advanced CMOS Image Sensors
Our advanced CMOS image sensors use a wide range of innovative and state-of-the-art features and functionality. From high resolutions and fast frame rates to very high gain and extremely low noise, you can choose the exact features your camera needs. You also have the choice of optical format, pixel size and global or rolling shutter options. Gpixel’s standard products include the GMAX and GSPRINT global shutter, fast frame rate sensors, the GSENSE high-end scientific CMOS image sensor series, the GLUX series of high sensitivity sensors for surveillance, the GL series of line scan imagers, the GLT series of TDI imagers, GTOF series of iTOF imagers, and the GCINE series of sensors for professional video and photography. Gpixel provides a broad portfolio of products leveraging the latest technologies to meet the ever-growing demands of the professional imaging market. Gpixel is committed to provide a broad portfolio of products utilizing the latest technologies to meet the ever-growing demands of the professional imaging market.
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Operating as a fabless IC development company, Gpixel has a combined office space of 11000 square meter for IC design, optical labs, reliability qualification and production testing activities.
IC Layout
Validation Lab
Electro-Optical Characterization
Product Qualification
Wafer Test
Final Test
Flanders Semiconductors
Flanders Semiconductor is a non-profit and non-commercial organisation representing all companies active in designing and developing ICs, in design tools, materials supply, equipment supply, testing facilities, etc. as being part of the semiconductor value chain with roots or connections in Flanders, Belgium.
Machine Vision industry Union
The Chinese Machine Vision industry Union (CMVU) represents Chinese and other company active in the machine vision industry in China. It takes advantage of industry resources and combines the characteristics of imaging technology and provides an efficient communication and trading platform for its members.
European Machine Vision Association
The European Machine Vision Association EMVA is a non-for-profit and non-commercial association representing the Machine Vision industry in Europe. The association was founded in 2003 in Barcelona by industry representatives from all over Europe to promote the development and use of machine vision technology.
Japan Industrial Imaging Association
Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) is a Japan-based organization fostering technological innovation of industrial imaging, promoting a global community for organizations related to industrial imaging, thereby contributing to development of industrial imaging worldwide.
Association for Advancing Automation
A3 is North America’s largest automation trade association representing more than 1,100 organizations involved in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision & imaging, motion control & motors and related automation technologies.
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  • Gpixel files for IPO at Shanghai Star market
  • Gpixel China Dalian subsidiary established
    GSPRINT4510 wins gold in Vision System Design 2022 Innovators Awards
  • Gpixel Releases World’s Highest Resolution 152MP Global Shutter Image Sensor
    Gpixel announces GCINE4349, a first product in the new GCINE product series, a next generation product family based on BSI stacked image sensor technology, providing truly innovative product options for cinematography, drones, production imaging and other video applications.
    Gpixel and Tower Semiconductor Announce a Cutting-Edge iToF Sensor for 3D Imaging Applications
    Gpixel releases GLUX backside illuminated sCMOS product family with 0.8 e- noise and CSI-2 MIPI interface for cost-effective ultra-low light imaging.
  • Gpixel China Hangzhou subsidiary established
    GSPRINT our new high-speed product family becomes available with GSPRINT4521, a 21MP 1000 fps global shutter image sensor.
    GLT BSI TDI line scan product family optimized for speed and sensitivity introduced with GLT5009BSI product
    Gpixel introduced Pulsar technology for direct detection of soft XRAY
  • Gpixel’s sales revenues exceed RMB100 million (~ 13.5M USD) for the first time
    Gpixel released RedFox NIR enhanced technology on GMAX0505
    Gpixel released new logo and website
  • Gpixel released the second generation of charge-domain global shutter CMOS chips. Launched global shutter products including the world's smallest pixel of 2.5μm based on 65nm process, and fully entered the industrial field market
    Gpixel NV was established in Antwerp, Belgium on August 9th, 2018
  • Released first-generation 2.8μm charge-domain global shutter CMOS chip, started to enter industrial inspection field
    Launch of the first GL line scan product, GL0816, an 8k 5 um CIS
    Gpixel first investment a BSI wafer processing line
  • Establishment of Gpixel Japan, the the first international, wholly-owned Gpixel subsidiary in Yokohama, Japan
  • Gpixel was selected into EETimes' list of the 15 most noteworthy start-ups in 2015.
    Release of the world's first back-illuminated, scientific CMOS image sensor (sCMOS), GSENSE400BSI, with peak quantum efficiency up to 95%
  • Successfully development of the company's first CMOS image sensor GMAX3005 with the highest resolution in the world.
    Obtained "ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification"
    Gpixel included in the latest "60 start-up semiconductor companies (Silicon 60) around the world) announced by EE Times.
    GSENSE400 is launched to the market, the start of a long and succesfully journey in the scientific imaging market.
  • Gpixel obtains (provincial) project support from the Science and Technology Department of Jilin Province
  • In September 2012, Gpixel was established.
Certifications & Awards
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