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81MP Scientific CMOS Image Sensor


December 15th 2022, Changchun, China - Gpixel announced the launch of the first ultra-large target surface splicable back-illuminated sCMOS image sensor-GSENSE1081BSI. This product is mainly aimed at the field of astronomical observation and can meet the application needs of extreme low-light detection and long exposure.

GSENSE1081BSI is designed with large imaging area for demanding scientific imaging applications. Sensor provides active resolution of 8900(H) x 9120(V) with 10μm x 10μm pixel size. An inter-scene dynamic range is 84.5dB combined from maximum full well capacity of 90ke- and readout noise of 5.45e-.Sensor supports on-chip 16bit ADC, with LVDS channel running up to 250MHz, providing frame rate up to 0.34fps. GSENSE1081BSI is assembled in high-end SiC package with one flexi-cable, by this design, the dead space at 3x package sides is minimized and makes sensor well fit for applications require a mosaic sensor array. The thermal expansion of SiC is close to silicon die which is suitable for deep cooling applications.

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Founded in 2012, Gpixel is an international company with design centers located in China, Japan, and Belgium. With expertise in CMOS image sensor technology, Gpixel offers off-the-shelf and customized solutions for industrial, medical, scientific, and professional photo & video applications. The company’s broad portfolio of standard products incorporates the latest advancements to meet the ever-growing demands of specialty imaging markets. 

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