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Gpixel adds SVGA variant with sub-electron Noise, 90% QE and 16-μm Pixels to cost-effective ultra-low light GLUX product family


November 30th 2022, Changchun, China, – Gpixel presents the GLUX1605BSI image sensor, a 1” sized, high sensitivity, backside illuminated, scientific grade CMOS image sensor with SVGA resolution (800 x 600) and 16 μm x 16 μm pixels, the largest of any standard products in Gpixel’s portfolio. The sensor is the second in the GLUX family, targeting extreme low-light imaging for both surveillance and scientific use including spectroscopy and microscopy. Sub-electron noise performance combined with best-in-class BSI quantum efficiency of 90% enables video in starlight conditions and low-light scientific imaging at high frame rates.

The GLUX1605BSI supports a dual-gain HDR mode, combining 1.6 e– read noise and 73 ke– full well charge to achieve a dynamic range of 93 dB. A dedicated low noise mode further optimizes imaging performance with read noise of 0.9 e– and power consumption about 80 mW. In addition, a low dark current of 1.1 e–/s/p is realized at -10℃.

The sensor offers a 12-bit ADC and two types of data output: 4 channel sub-LVDS and MIPI (CSI-2, D-PHY). The full frame rate of 60 fps can be achieved in HDR mode, and the low noise mode provides 25 fps. Various operating functions are available including master mode, slave mode, and standby mode.

The GLUX1605BSI image sensor is pin-compatible with the previously released GLUX9701BSI SXGA image sensor. Both are assembled in an 84-pin CLCC package with compact outer dimensions of 22 mm x 22 mm. Removable and sealed glass lid variants are available as standard options on both sensors.

“The expansion of the GLUX family is an excellent example of Gpixel’s commitment to the unique requirements of the specialty imaging markets, “said Wim Wuyts, Chief Commercial Officer of Gpixel. “This family addresses the need for ultra-high sensitivity in a cost-effective format common to demanding surveillance and scientific applications.” First engineering samples and evaluation boards will be available in December 2022. Please contact or visit for more information.

About GLUX sensor family

The GLUX series is a backside illuminated, scientific grade CMOS image sensor product family combining sub-electron noise performance with high frame rates for ultra-low light imaging in scientific and surveillance applications.

About Gpixel

Gpixel is an international company founded in 2012 with design centers in China, Japan, and Belgium, providing off-the-shelf and customized CMOS image sensors for industrial, medical, scientific, and professional photo & video applications. Gpixel provides a broad portfolio of standard products utilizing the latest technologies to meet the ever-growing demands of the specialty imaging markets. Gpixel’s high-speed global shutter GSPRINT4510 image sensor was a Gold honoree in Vision System Design’s 2022 Innovator Awards.

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