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Gpixel’s GMAX0505RF image sensor employs Red Fox NIR-enhancing technology to achieve high-resolution NIR imaging


Yokohoma, Japan and Changchun, China, December 3rd, 2019 – Gpixel announces a NIR-enhanced version of its popular GMAX0505, a 26 megapixel global shutter CMOS image sensor in a square 1.1” optical format. The GMAX0505 and the new Near InfraRed (NIR)-enhanced GMAX0505RF are part of Gpixel’s 2.5 µm pixel family of pin-compatible C-mount sensors developed to serve industrial and scientific applications.


Typically in CMOS image sensors, NIR sensitivity is enhanced by increasing the thickness of the sensor’s epitaxial layer. However, this introduces a corresponding decrease in modulation transfer function (MTF) and limits the effective resolution of the sensor. Gpixel’s new Red Fox technology applies a more surgical approach, modifying the sensor’s sensitive layer to achieve an optimal balance between NIR sensitivity and MTF.


Figure 1 QE comparison between standard monochromatic GMAX0505 and NIR enhanced GMAX0505RF

The GMAX0505RF achieves a QE of almost 34% at 850 nm and 14% at 940 nm. In comparison, based on publicly available EMVA test data some competitive image sensors only offer a QE of 20% at 850 nm. This equates to a significant 70% improvement in QE performance.


Electrically compatible with the GMAX0505, the GMAX0505RF can be dropped into existing designs without hardware modifications allow designers to instantly extend their NIR sensitivity. In addition, it is pin and footprint compatible with the other members of Gpixel’s C-Mount family, including the GMAX2505 and the GMAX2509. As the Red Fox technology can be applied to any GMAX product, other GMAX RF products will be released in the near future.


Engineering samples of the GMAX0505RF are available now for evaluation. To learn more and order a sample, please contact us at

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