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Gpixel expands its mainstream GL line scan portfolio with GLR1205BSI S


June 24, 2024, Changchun, China – Gpixel announces the GLR1205BSI-S backside illuminated, linear CMOS image sensor for use in laser displacement sensors for factory automation and inspection. Displacement sensors use the principle of laser triangulation to measure distance, height, or thickness at a single point, and are used in a variety of applications including feedback systems for robotic welding and film thickness measurement in the manufacturing of batteries. The GLR1205BSI-S image sensor is designed for the accurate detection of surfaces and precise distance measurement under a variety of lighting conditions.



 Fig. 1  GRL1205BSI-S linear image sensor for laser displacement sensor applications


GLR1205BSI-S is a single-line linear image sensor with 512 pixels. Each pixel is 12.5 µm wide and 250 µm tall. It is sensitive from 300 nm to 1100 nm and has a peak QE of 95% and more than 50% at 650nm The large, rectangular pixel and conversion gain of 0.7 uV/e- combine to achieve a full well capacity over 3 M electrons and maximum signal-to-noise ratio of 64.7 dB at a line rate of 9.43 kHz. Advanced pixel design achieves a 2.5 µs charge transfer time, minimizing lag. With a low power consumption of 90 mW, the sensor generates little heat and can be run continuously with reliable measurement precision. GLR1205BSI-S is assembled in a compact and low-cost 17-pin CSP package with dimensions of 7.39 mm x 1.15 mm.



 Fig. 2  Displacement sensors use the principle of laser triangulation to measure the distance to an object.


Gpixel is already a leading provider of image sensors for laser-based line profilers with high-speed area sensors including GSENSE2011, GMAX2509, GSPRINT4502, and GSPRINT4510. We are pleased to be able to expand our offering in laser triangulation devices with cost-effective and easy-to-integrate solutions for point position measurement as well,” says Wim Wuyts, Gpixel’s Chief Commercial Officer.


Fig. 3  GLR1205BSI-S uses backside illumination technology to achieve a peak quantum efficiency of 95%.


Purchase orders can be placed now for samples and evaluation systems scheduled to ship in August, 2024.


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