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Gpixel Expands GSPRINT Family with High Sensitivity 2 MP Global Shutter Image Sensor targeting 3D laser profiling and UV imaging.



July 7th, 2024, Changchun, China – Gpixel announces the GSPRINT6502BSI, the fourth sensor in the popular GSPRINT series of high-speed global shutter CMOS image sensors. It’s the first sensor in the series to use backside illumination technology for increased sensitivity and high angular response. The combination of backside illumination and a large 6.5 µm pixel maximize light collection in high-speed imaging applications including 3D laser profiling, scientific and UV imaging.





Fig. 1  The GSPRINT6502BSI global shutter high-speed CMOS image sensor is assembled in a 130-pin LGA package.



The sensor features 2048 (H) x 1152 (V) pixels, each 6.5 µm square, providing a wide format ideal for 3D laser profilers, and compatibility with 1” optics. With 10-bit output and 32 pairs of sub-LVDS outputs each operating at 1.2 Gbps, the GSPRINT6502BSI achieves 1500 frames per second. Up to 8 vertically oriented regions of interest can be defined to operate the sensor at increased frame rates. For applications in which the maximum frame rate is not required, multiplexing modes are available to reduce the number out output channels by any multiple of 2.


Backside illumination technology ensures that the image sensor is sensitivte to light across a wide spectral range from 200 nm to 1100 nm, making it compatible with a variety of laser wavelengths. In addition, a broad angular response achieves 80% quantum efficiency at an incident angle of 34 degrees from the normal. At 1x PGA gain, the sensor’s full well capacity is 20 ke- and the dynamic range is 57 dB. The analog gain can be adjusted from 1x up to 7x in 0.5x increments. On-chip 2x vertical binning can be used to increase the full well capacity, dynamic range, and frame rate. A vertical sub-sampling mode is also available for increased frame rate while maintaining the full field of view. The sensor features on-chip sequencer, SPI control, PLL, and both analog and digital temperature sensors.





Fig. 2  GSPRINT6502BSI achieves a high quantum efficiency which extends from the UV into the NIR using backside Illumination.



“The GSPRINT family of image sensors have enabled new use cases in high-speed imaging while also being adopted into systems like 3D laser profilers,” says Wim Wuyts, Gpixel’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We will continue to expand this product line to meet the needs of customers across the growing diversity of applications demanding both high speed, excellent image quality and a broad wavelength sensitivity range including UV.”




Fig. 3 The use of backside illumination technology allows for high sensitivity even when incident light isn’t normal to the sensor surface, as is often the case in equipment for laser triangulation.



The GSPRINT6502BSI is available as a monochrome sensor with either sealed or removable coverglass and assembled in a 130-pin LGA package.

Purchase orders can be placed now for samples and evaluation systems scheduled to ship in August, 2024.  

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