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GPIXEL Expands Linear Sensor Family with the 1” Format GL3504


June 21th 2021, Changchun, China – Gpixel announces the expansion of the GL product family with GL3504, a C-mount line scan image sensor targeting industrial inspection, logistics barcode scanning and printing inspection.


GL3504 has two photosensitive pixel arrays: a 2048 x 4 resolution array with 7 μm x 7 μm square pixel size and a 4096 x 2 resolution array with 3.5 μm x 3.5 μm pixel size. Both monochromatic and color variants are offered. The color filter array on the 3.5 μm pixel line is Bayer type; The 7 μm pixel lines are RGB true color type.


The GL3504 provides a full well capacity of 12.5 ke- and noise of 5.5 e- which delivers more than 67.5 dB of dynamic range with the 3.5 μm line operated in 12-bit single line mode. Line rates are up to 84 kHz with the 3.5 μm pixel line in 12-bit single line mode, or up to 172 kHz with the 7 μm pixel line in 12-bit single line mode. It uses 6 pairs of sub-LVDS high speed outputs which allow data rates up to 5.47 Gbit/sec.


The GL3504 photosensitive length is 14.34 mm and the sensor is assembled with a compact 58 pin CLCC package (22.30 mm x 10.6 mm) for easy integration into industry standard size 29 mm cube cameras. The sensor also supports on-chip PLL, on-chip sequencer and channel multiplexing for simple integration.


GL3504 engineering samples can be ordered today for delivery in July, 2021. Please contact or visit product page at for more information.


About the GL sensor family

The GL series is Gpixel’s high-speed inspection line scan product family, including GL3504, GL0402, GL0816 and GL1608, which are available with resolutions from 2K to 16K and with a choice of color coatings.


About Gpixel

Gpixel is an international company specializing in providing high-end customized and off-the-shelf CMOS image sensor solutions for industrial, medical, and scientific applications. Gpixel’s standard products include the GMAX and GSPRINT global shutter, fast frame rate sensors, the GSENSE high-end scientific CMOS image sensor series, the GL series of line scan imagers, the GLT series of TDI imagers and the GTOF series of iTOF imagers. Gpixel provides a broad portfolio of products utilizing the latest technologies to meet the ever-growing demands of the professional imaging market.

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